Greetings from DANA Lubricants Factory LLC !

DANA Lubricants Factory LLC is leading manufacturer , supplier and exporter of Automotive Lubricant Engine Oils in UAE  , Grease , Industrial oils , Marine engine Oils for use in Cars ( Passenger Car Motor Oil PCMO ) , Heavy duty vehicles like Trucks ( Diesel Engine Trucks – HD Heavy Duty ) , Conventional and Modern Buses like Toyota , Volvo , Mercedes etc , Marine engine oils for 2 Stroke Outboard motor oils , 4 stroke Motorcycle oils for two wheelers from Bajaj , Yamaha , Honda etc , Industrial oils like AW Hydraulic Oil ( Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil ) , Gear oil , Transmission & Clutch fluid , Brake fluid , Metalworking fluids like Water soluble cutting oil and neat cutting oil for use in precision machinery like CNC Machines etc . Hydraulic oil used in forklifts , cranes and other heavy industrial machinery is also manufactured using Anti wear technology .


  1. Dana Lubricants Factory LLC – Branch 1 – Branch 1 is main branch for manufacturing of Lubricant Engine Oils and Brake fluids of all types ( Like Diesel Engine Oil SAE 15W40  CH 4 / CI4/ CJ 4 , 15W50 , 10W40 , 10W30 , HD 30 , HD 40 , HD 50 CD/CF/CF4 /CH4 , Gasoline Motor engine Oil SAE 20W50 SL / SM /S N , 20W60 , 10W30 , 10W40 , SAE 30 , 40 , 50 SF/ SJ / SL , Hydraulic Oils 32, 46, 68 , 100 , 150 Anti wear , Gear oil SAE 90, 140 , 75W90 , 80W90 , 85W140 , ATF & Clutch fluid , Brake fluid – ethylene glycol based DOT 3/ DOT 4
  2. Branch 2 based in Ajman , UAE – Branch 2 is manufacturing speciality and industrial engine oils , marine engine oils and Grease of all types ( Like Lithium Multipurpose MP 2/ MP 3 Grease , Extreme Pressure EP 00/ EP 0 / EP 1/ EP 2 / EP 3 Grease , Calcium Multipurpose grease MP 2/MP 3 Grease , Lithium Complex Grease – High temerature grease , bentonite grease , Graphite grease , Molybdenum disulphide grease )
  3. Branch 3 based in Hamriya Free Zone , Sharjah , UAE – Branch 3 is involved in storage & loading of bulk operations for Base Oil SN 70 , SN 100 , SN 150 , SN 300 , SN 350 , SN 500 , SN 600 , SN 650 , SN 900, BS 150 , BS 120

We undertake bulk operations and specialize in undertaking corporate offers to cater the needs of different customers. Our sole aim is to provide exquisite features. Please find below our company Being ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Dana Lubricants are formulated to the highest international standards & specifications as per:-

  • American Petroleum Institute (API)
  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 
  • US Military (MIL)
  • Machine manufacturers like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, GM, Ford, Volvo, MACK, MAN, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Toyota & others.
  • As per Customer Formulation (OEM Basis)

DANA Lubricants develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of technologically-advanced lubricants for a variety of needs that enhance the performance in engines, machines and other equipment.

Advantages of DANA Lubes are:

  • Longevity by Ultimate Engine Protection in all driving conditions
  • Lower Fuel consumption  due to low friction caused by low viscosity
  • Oxidation Stability against corrosion
  • Protection against heat stress, engine deposits , rust , wear
  • Longer Drain Interval
  • Suitable for harshest operating conditions in automotive, marines and heavy industrial applications
  • Thermal stability and hydraulic stability

Facilities for trading and blending of Dana Lubricants are:-

  1. Production capacity of 60,000 MT /Year  of highest quality lubes
  2. Base Oil Bulk Storage Facility at Al Jurf Industrial Area , Ajman, U.A.E.
  3. Fleet of trucks and road tankers to deliver products to customer destinations all over U.A.E.
  4. Financing facilities available for export and executing bulk orders
  5. Filling line to produce packing’s from 1 liter to 208 liters
  6. Fully equipped laboratory for quality testing for  Tbn, Flash Point , Pour Point , Viscosity @40 , Viscosity@100 , Cold Cracking Viscosity , Anti- Foam , PPD.
  7. We are also doing quality third party blending for our respective customers of  well established brands in International & Local market.


Dana Lubricants supplies to following countries:-

  • GCC Countriesnamely Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain , Saudi Arabia.
  • Arab League Countriesnamely Algeria, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Jordan,Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritania, State of Palestine, Somalia, Tunisia , Yemen ,Eritrea.
  • African Continentincluding major countries namely Algeria,Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Cost, Mali, Chad, Senegal, Togo, Sierra Leone, Gabon, Burundi, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Tunisia, Gambia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Mombasa, Angola , Zimbabwe.
  • CIS– (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan)


  • Automotive Products:

o Two Stroke Engine Oil

o High Performance Motor Oil

o Heavy Duty Diesel Oil

o Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

o Semi Synthetic Motor Oil

o Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF Dex I,II,III)

o E.P Gear Oil

o Brake Fluid Dot 3/4

  • Industrial Products:

o Power Generator Oil

o Gas Generator Oil

o Industrial Gear Oil

o Hydraulic Oil

o Compressor Oil

o Knitting Oil

  • Grease Products:

o Synthetic MP3 Grease

o Lithium Grease

o Calcium Grease


208 L drum 98 Drums
25L Pails 900 Pails
20 L Pails 1026 Pails
5L X 6 500 Cartons
4LX6 600Cartons
1L X 12 1200 Cartons
1L X 24 600Cartons

P.S: Kindly inform us your requirement so that we can quote you the best prices accordingly.

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